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Remove or Delete Administrator Account in Windows 10 in 2 Cases

You will see the Game Bar interface with several controls including the Xbox app, screenshot, screen recording, and settings options. If you want to record your microphone and your voice, just checkbox “Record mic”. When the game bar app is activated, a “capture” widget will appear in the upper-left corner of your screen.

The file should be now under 4 GB which will no longer trigger the “File Image Is Too Big‘ error”. Return to the Windows 10 USB stick and driversol.com/drivers/amd paste the install.wim file that you previously copied from the Windows 11 ISO. Name the newly created key LabConfig and press Enter. Now it should give you options to “Upgrade”, “Data Only”, and “Clean Install”.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to an HP computer

The Game bar, which is essentially a toolbar, will then pop up on screen. If it’s your first time launching the Game bar for that app, you will get a message asking, “Do you want to open Game bar?”—simply click on “Yes, this is a game.” OBS Studio is a very powerful desktop recording and streaming application that’s surprisingly free to use. There are so many features that we’ve barely scratched the surface in this article. When you do this, you’ll see the button change to Stop Recording, with a small pause icon on the right.

  • And that is how you can upgrade your standard account to an admin account without access to the administrator’s password.
  • Here, click Devices and then click Bluetooth & other devices.
  • You can use Computer Management in Windows 10 to change administrator.
  • But when I turn on my computer I see no option to log in as admin.

Use the Windows 10 Settings interface to check and enable Bluetooth on the computer. Click Start, select Settings, choose Devices, and then pick Bluetooth and other devices. The Bluetooth toggle at the top of the menu should be on, and the system should be discoverable by other Bluetooth devices by its name. If the toggle is off, try simply turning the toggle to the on position. Sometimes, simply toggling Bluetooth off and then on again can resolve Bluetooth connection problems with Windows 10. With so many peripherals and other devices like smartphones or speakers connecting via Bluetooth, more Windows users than ever need to enable it.

Integrate Screenapp to your website

The tool has simple editing tools, and you can draw and add annotations in real-time to make your content more engaging. In the post-production phase, you get a few easy editing tools that let you, for example, trim your videos so you can remove unnecessary pauses or beginning/end footage. You can select a region to capture and record, annotate, add effects, and do more easily.

The most common reason why Bluetooth doesn’t show in Settings is that its service isn’t enabled. By default, the service startup type is set as Manual instead of Automatic. We can try starting the service again, changing it to automatic and check if this solves the problem. If this doesn’t work, try disabling your Bluetooth device.

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